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  • Many businesses are now looking to outsource their data entry tasks to reduce operational expenses and maximize time efficiency. After all, in many businesses, data entry and data processing are not their core operations, but at the same time is this digital age, all businesses would involve at least one data entry task. With how the volume of data generated by businesses continues to rise, the demands for data entry will also rise. In cases when hiring a data entry professional and building an in-house data processing infrastructure aren’t viable, data entry outsourcing can be a viable solution. However, it’s still important to find the right data entry service provider to outsource to, and this is why in this guide, we will discuss the key considerations to have when choosing a data entry outsourcing provider.


  • Business-process outsourcing (BPO) is the act of outsourcing some aspect of your business operations to a third-party vendor or service provider. A BPO call centre is a team of outsourced agents who handle incoming and outgoing customer calls for other businesses.

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